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Treatment for the Loss of More than One Tooth

Partial dentures are effective for replacing more than one tooth. Your partial denture relies on your healthy, surrounding teeth for support.

A fixed partial denture uses the stability of dental implants. It provides you a permanent solution for securing your new teeth.

A removable partial denture is often referred to as a dental bridge. The treatment uses two healthy teeth on either side of your missing tooth gap to secure your tooth replacement.

You will be able to eat, speak, chew, and smile confidently following the placement of your partial denture. The treatment will improve your facial features, prevent your remaining teeth from shifting out of position, and will help maintain the health of your bone and gum tissue.

Contact your Jackson dentist about your partial tooth loss. Schedule an oral examination to discuss tooth replacement with a partial denture.

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1523 S. Highland Avenue
Jackson, TN 38301

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